Gigabyte Aivia Krypton

Unlike Gigabyte’s Force lineup, these goods are not only supposed to game hard with, yet to look good within the procedure. We are going to discuss this characteristic and other characteristics after we describe the item. Comfort is important, because one of the worst things relating to this job may be the sheer variety of hours needed to produce quality content. I’ve mentioned the total design being Lamborghini inspired.

There are five distinct colors for five distinct modes. In actual usage, though, the Aivia is a rather tiny let down. The adjustable weight system is, in addition, touched with just a little innovation. To start with, the backlight is a little uneven, along with the color isn’t customizable, although this is to be expected with a cheap gaming mouse.


Definitely, these 3 buttons may also be used in the conventional mouse mode. Squeezing so many buttons on a mouse might be problematic from an ergonomic standpoint, but Gigabyte has done a superb job for the large part. The following huge change on a standard keyboard is the keys. Take, for example, the keyboard and mouse.

Fortunately, there are an enormous selection of gaming mice in the marketplace today letting the PC gamer to select the mouse perfectly suited their needs. Succeeding within the gaming market takes an exceptional appearance, very good feature set, and comfortable typing experience. Also, this mouse remains quite small, and those that have larger hands will discover this mouse too small to utilize daily. Aivia Uranium wireless gaming mouse is totally comfortable to make use of even for a comparatively long duration of time.

Only the G1-G5 keys could be customized. Compared with the majority of keyboards I’ve owned previously, I have to say each keystroke has a surprisingly crisp feel to it. Read on carefully to enhance your keyboard credientials.

There are just three speed settings, represented by LEDs on the mouse, and every level differs enough from the last to ensure it is worth switching for certain tasks or games, even though it doesn’t provide a great degree of customisation. Overall then a fantastic gaming mouse for a great many grip types and for left and right handers too, couple this with fantastic performance, tracking and also the great software Gigabyte have a fantastic gaming mouse within their arsenal. Build quality of the peripheral is excellent, and doesn’t look very fragile. Had this keyboard for just two decades and no problems in any way.

In comparison to my previous mouse, the Logitech M305, both these mice are excellent for the typical user. Gigabyte includes a central remover away from the box, so you can safely get rid of the standard vital caps without damaging your keyboard. The Gigabyte Krypton mouse is actually an overall purpose mouse that may be customized to only about anyone and any computing needs whether you’re a challenging core gamer, or a person who does a whole lot of computer aided design (CAD). Gaming with this specific mouse isn’t the optimal/optimally experience.


In This way, charging the mouse won’t interfere with several other USB devices. Utilizing the software may require using a computer or alternative device that has to meet minimum system requirements. When used as a conventional mouse, the design encourages a claw grip as opposed to palm, since the mouse is extremely small to become a finger mouse. Its pad may be used as the left key and also the upper key on the proper aspect of the system is the replacement for the best key.

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