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For obvious reasons, we normally choose consoles as the right platform to indulge in gaming. This trend is true as far as the average gaming consumer is concerned. However, according to gaming experts, one must go for PC gaming in order to experience the true quality of games. So, high-end gaming desktops can definitely come in handy for this. However, most of the times, the portability factor becomes a problem for LAN gamers and travelers. So, if you are keen to buy a portable gaming PC, we have come across the best gaming laptops here.

When talking about gaming laptops, they are specifically made to give you the optimal gaming experience. Which would mean that these high-end laptops must have the best gaming graphics card, currently, NVIDIA GTX 675M, 680M and Radeon HD 7970M are widely used high-end laptop for gaming, features a power i7 processor, up to 16GB ram memory, with a full HD screen, you will get a great gaming experience on these machines.

It might be that you want to settle for low-end 3D graphics, thanks to your budget constraints. If that is the scenario, then for the record, you can go for less-expensive laptops with low-end GPUs and still manage to relish games like World of Warcraft or Torchlight or even Team Fortress 2.

In the following article we will list five best gaming laptop in 2017, I hope it is helpful for you to choosing a gaming laptop.

The most recommended: MSI G Series GT70 0NE-452US Laptop

Evidently, the MSI G Series GT70 0NE-452US Laptop is best suited for best gaming. It outplays other products belonging to the same class, because of its powerful performance. It is well known for its quick boots- it takes no more than 10 seconds to boot completely. The credit goes to the massive 128GB ExpressCache SSD put inside this amazing notebook. Furthermore, the performance speed of this notebook is fantastic due to the high storage capacity. Because of this, the MSI G Series GT70 0NE-276US Laptop tops the list of gaming laptops.

The performance does not become a problem even when you are playing high-end games. This notebook guarantees not only a good but also a perfect gaming experience, regardless of the games’ graphics complications.

To experience the best games, one must have a high resolution machine. So, for most of the gamers, it is the high resolution that matters the most. So, Samsung featured the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M GPU in the laptop for full HD experience(1920×1080). It can give you its best performance even when you are playing at the highest resolution.

In addition, you can enjoy a bright yet contrast display while playing your favourite games. For the most dynamic and realistic display, the notebook also features a 17.3 inch LED screen complete with SuperBright HDTV from Samsung.

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